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And with Western Stars: Songs From the Film following so soon after Western Stars, we're getting the job done with a second Springsteen bandana to go along with the one we gave away over the summer. The new Western Stars: Songs From the Film bandana features a silhouette of Springsteen and his ride on a charcoal background. Pre-order the soundtrack CD Official release date is October 25, will ship as soon as both the CD and bandana currently in production are in stock. Pre-order the soundtrack 2LP vinyl Release is scheduled for December, will ship with bandana immediately upon release. Theater-goers at the AMC Loews Freehold Metroplex Cinema on Saturday, for first of two Fathom Events early screenings for Western Stars, got an additional bonus feature as Bruce himself stood in front of the silver screen to introduce his directorial debut.

Springsteen was joined by co-director Thom Zimny for this hometown event. I would save it for the end of the film, because the editing and the pacing of the film has its own message. So, thanks for coming out, thanks for supporting me all these years, and enjoy Western Stars. Good to see you! For anyone unable to make it out last night, a second nationwide preview screening including a bonus behind-the-scenes short film , exclusive to these Fathom Events , is still to come on Wednesday night, October Personal appearance by Bruce Springsteen not guaranteed And with two new LPs over the past couple years, he's reminded us that he writes great songs and makes great records.

Early Work presents Van Zandt's primary records, beginning with his landmark solo debut Men Without Women and concluding with Born Again Savage originally released in , and available in this set on vinyl for the first time. Sun City is included, too. Though not a Little Steven record per se credited to Artists United Against Apartheid, the title track features everyone from Darlene Love to David Ruffin and Eddie Kendricks , it was Van Zandt's song and idea — not to mention his place in the movement to end apartheid in South Africa — and deserves the reissue treatment it gets here.

Bonus material makes up just under half of Early Work. It runs the gamut, from new takes on the familiar — two previously unreleased mixes of the B-side "Vote! That Mutha Out " — to mid-'70s rehearsal songs recorded live with the Asbury Jukes. And if you wonder how figures into this, a previously unreleased song from that year, billed to Southside Johnny and the Kid, appears as one of the 51 bonus tracks. I'm excited to have my stuff back on vinyl for the first time in decades!

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The box set, with a December 6 street date, is limited to 1, copies: the six albums will appear on colored vinyl over seven individual records , with the bonus tracks spread out over four CDs. Click here for further details , and here for pre-ordering, happening now. Last night in New York, a special screening of Western Stars played for an audience filled with friends and family at the Metrograph on the Lower East Side, giving Stateside press their first look at the film as well.

Standing up to introduce the film, Springsteen first thanked Emmerich and Warner Bros. Clive is here tonight! So, Clive I can't believe you're here. There's a lot — Jimmy! You know, Iovine's here Friends, family from New Jersey are here Enjoy Western Stars! At a previous screening Springsteen had asked the audience to hold their applause until the end of the film, rather than clapping between song performances — the idea being to preserve the immersive mood Western Stars creates as a "tone poem.

Which points to one way this film will function, for Springsteen's fans: as the closest thing we'll get to a Western Stars tour, it does a remarkable job of serving the same purpose, providing a similar opportunity. Not just to experience the songs in performance, but really, to more fully experience them. For the vast majority of Springsteen's records, the tours that followed served as the second part of a one-two punch.

In concert we get the chance to more fully digest the new material, to hear Bruce talk about the songs, watch him inhabit them, and even, for a while, live inside their re-creation. Any Springsteen record can stand on its own, Western Stars included, but the film gives me something I hadn't quite realized I was missing: the chance to have Springsteen lead us, once again, through a soul-satisfying consideration of his latest work. Emmerich covered a number of topics with the filmmakers, including Patti's role at the heart of the film, the myth that great pain is required for great art, Springsteen's score for the film Toby encouraged Bruce to make himself available as a film composer , and The Searchers — "My favorite picture, of course," said Bruce.

We'll have more on their discussion in the coming days. But first, let's get to some additional publicity underway here in the U. Today, Springsteen's first U. Ann Hornaday spoke with Springsteen about the film, as well as his life-long love affair with the movies and the cinematic aspect of his recordings. Hornaday spoke with Landau and Zimny as well.

Added attraction: photographs by Michael S. Williamson, who collaborated with Dale Maharidge on several books over the years that are Springsteen touchstones. Read: "The Boss as auteur: Springsteen conquered music and Broadway. Now he's making movies. Having spent some time in Italy, Springsteen flew in for four days of press and promotion work at a variety of locations in the capital.

For those who attended either of the above events, it was a rare opportunity to see him in person in comparatively intimate surroundings, talking in detail about his forthcoming new film project. Springsteen's first port of call was at Television Centre in White City, West London on Thursday, October 10, for the TV recording, which was subsequently edited and broadcast at pm the following night.

Around free tickets are available online for each recording, which are randomly allocated. However, last Thursday evening, due to the high number of VIP guests, only half of that number was given to the general public.

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Many people were turned away while Norton's guests arrived in a fleet of cars with tinted windows. Norton's modus operandi requires all of his guests to occupy his famous red sofa at the same time, but others will occasionally join the conversation later on — this was the case with Springsteen's appearance. Dressed all in black, he appeared relaxed and comfortable in what were unfamiliar surroundings for him. Sitting next to De Niro, Bruce recalled that they first met in It was later noted that they'd received the Presidential Medal of Freedom and attended the Kennedy Center Honors together.

Norton began by asking Springsteen about Western Stars , which its co-director described as "a meditation on men and women and love. Springsteen said that he wrote his voiceovers in a two-hour session in front of the TV one night and later composed a musical score to accompany them. Having shown a trailer, Norton declared, "You're brilliant at this. Some grainy honeymoon clips are featured, which Springsteen apparently "stumbled across" in the search for appropriate archive footage.

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He and Patti put a camera on the hood of their car "and did our little shtick. When asked the location of the barn where the live performance takes place, Bruce replied that "it's on my property in the great state of New Jersey," which elicited a loud cheer from the lively audience. Springsteen concluded by suggesting that Western Stars defies categorization.

There's not a genre for it.

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From there, the subject matter predictably moved into familiar territory, including the regular habit of Springsteen's audiences to chant his name and sound like they're booing him. Next up was the topic of his marathon concerts, with Norton stating that "four hours is not uncommon. Those are the only four hours that I actually get to be Boss. Norton addressed Springsteen's working-man image and attire. That was a big part of my studies. Springsteen's failed attempt to meet Elvis Presley by climbing over the wall at Graceland in was next on the agenda. For you young folks, they were magazines!

That's as close as I ever got to Elvis Presley. Regarding his difficult relationship with his father and whether he ever understood the significance of his son's success, he replied, "Once the money's comin' in, it breeds respect — and it bred some respect from him. The show ended with a live performance by James Blunt, who joined the others on the sofa and talked about his disastrous attempts at crowdsurfing. After the recording, the guests posed for group photos while the audience was still present. While it was fascinating to see Springsteen on the show, attendees have estimated that "approximately half" of his interview ended up on the cutting room floor.

The missing material includes stories about the hype surrounding his Hammersmith Odeon gigs in , crashing gears while driving to California before he had a licence, performing cover versions onstage by audience request, and how they preferred his ass to his face on the Born in the U. Springsteen also plugged his wife Patti Scialfa's three solo albums and recalled her answering his advert in the Asbury Park Press for a singer, at the age of 17 in the early '70s.

He advised her to go back to school and finish her studies. Many years later, before their relationship became public, he revealed that they used to meet on a bench in Manhattan to talk, drink bottles of beer in brown paper bags, and carve their initials in the wood.

He proposed to Patti on the bench, and they later took their son Evan there. Springsteen eventually tried to buy it as an anniversary gift, but the bench had been removed. Finally, for anyone thirsting for news of his future plans, Springsteen confirmed that he would be recording with the E Street Band next month and that there would be shows next year. At which point someone in the audience cheered, and Bruce said, "That's one ticket sold!

The theatre is a temporary, state-of-the-art facility in Embankment Gardens, beside the River Thames at Charing Cross, that only exists for the duration of the two-week annual festival. Tickets to this sold-out event were initially made available online to BFI members only, and then to the general public on September A batch of industry returns were snapped up on September 26, and a handful more were sold on the night. Springsteen, Thom Zimny, George Travis, Jon Landau, and Barbara Carr arrived around 45 minutes before the start, shortly after a heavy downpour had tested the resilience of the comparatively small fan contingent almost outnumbered by press photographers who'd been patiently waiting outside, huddled under their umbrellas.

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Before heading for the warmth and comfort of the cinema, Springsteen again wearing black, with a white shirt spent several minutes working his way down the red carpet, signing whatever was thrust in front of him, while cellphones and cameras captured his every move. Kicking off proceedings, the evening's MC spoke excitedly about the film before bringing Springsteen onstage to introduce it. After reminding the audience to stay in their seats after the credits had rolled, he added, "Should you be moved to applaud any individual performance, please don't do that.

The film works as a meditation and a tone poem. If you like it, give it a shout at the end, thanks a lot.