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I have also really liked the Play PX3s that I've juggled with. They're not for everyone; they have a "springiness" that works for some people and other people hate.

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No recommendations on torches; I've only juggled them a few times, and I'm not sure what brand. I always found them a bit heavy especially some of the older clubs that older jugglers have from back in the '80s. Though it looks like they have two weights, and the grams, so maybe I've only ever tried the heavier ones. Todd Smith's particularly Assassins clubs, but also torches are by far the best deal.

Dube sales have to pay for heavy advertising, a store in NYC, etc. Smith is just a low cost producer of top quality stuff. Being based in Europe it's been years since I remember seeing a Dube club, they seemed OK to me though.

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I've been using Henrys clubs for years with no problems, they juggle well, look nice and I know even if I've had them years if something does go wrong with them if I bring them to a big convention EJC or BJC say then they will do their best to make them good again. On clubs, Renegades because they are much cheaper than Dube.

Dube is okay for decorated clubs, but they are still very heavy, and cost more than comparable products. As for torches, I would not recommend Renegades. I own a set and would not buy them again.

While they do juggle almost identically to their clubs which is nice , it's because they are a lesser quality when compared to other torches. Renegades have wooden dowels that are covered by a metal sleeve that is stapled on. In particular, coarse cereals jowar, bajra , oilseeds groundnut, soyabean and pulses tur have been hit the most by deficient rains. Rajasthan has seen a rainfall deficit of 34 percent, Madhya Pradesh experienced a dip of 23 percent in its LPA rains and Punjab - India's grain basket - has seen a whopping 69 percent deficit in rainfall. These are all predominantly agricultural States, and at least in the case of the first two named States, the incidence of rural poverty is high.

Drought relief measures are already being unveiled. In , the average rainfall during the monsoon season, which lasts from June to September, was 23 percent below normal, according to the Indian Meteorological Department. One of the worst years of deficient rainfall was , when the overall deficit was of the order of 24 percent.

CRISIL research has predicted that kharif crop production will be hit because sowing of quite a few crops has been negatively impacted by deficient rainfall. Across India, the area sown until 13 July was about 19 percent lower than the area sown during the corresponding period last year. In addition, the yields of crops that have been planted will suffer. If the monsoon continues to remain below normal in August too, GDP growth could fall - from the current estimate of 6. Poor rainfall will also have an adverse impact on food inflation, which continues to be a nagging worry for India.

The prices of rain-fed crops like pulses and coarse cereals could flare up.

In addition, prices of oil seeds are expected to rise further because of lack of adequate sowing due to lower acreage, which will in turn push up WPI-based inflation above 7 percent. A weak monsoon will deal a blow to hundreds of millions of desperately poor agricultural labourers, small farmers and their families. The risk of malnourishment in much of rural India also rises up sharply. Fearing lower output from agriculture and higher food inflation, the government on Tuesday took steps to cut irrigation costs and increase fodder supplies for livestock farmers.

A drought will put more pressure on the already high demand for diesel, which accounts for about 40 percent of consumption in Asia's third-largest oil importer. Farm irrigation pumps use only 6 percent of overall diesel use but it would still be politically hard for the Manmohan Singh government to raise fuel prices and cut subsidies as part of a long-delayed efforts to rein in the fiscal deficit.

Planning Commission Deputy Chairman Montek Singh Ahluwalia told Reuters that while in his view "there is a good economic case" for adjusting oil prices, "it's also no secret that these things become politically difficult, and maybe a little more difficult in a drought year. Elections are not due until , but given the lack of unity of purpose among partners in the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance government, the risk of a mid-term election runs high. Cutting subsidies during a drought year will be seen as "anti-poor".

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Two of the most severely affected States - Gujarat and Karnataka, both ruled by the BJP - also face Assembly elections later this year. It's not just the Congress that will be fearful of the political impact of the drought. The Great Diwali Discount! Get Moneycontrol Pro for a year for Rs only. Offer valid till 10th November, Maharashtra polls: In Wardha, farmers deadlocked by no loan waivers and no scope for fresh crop loans.

Kashmir BDC polls: Move to percolate democracy to grassroots and invest in new leadership demands greater cheer and attention. If not, what are our options?